FREE diamonds for Free Fire, LEGAL.

Free Fire: How to get free diamonds in July 2020

Diamonds are the currency of the game in Free Fire, and are used by players to obtain exclusive items.

Diamonds are the game currency in Free Fire, and players need these gems to purchase items such as weapon skins, emotes, and characters. Most players want these items, which do not influence their gameplay, but are attractive and can be displayed.

However, buying these diamonds can be expensive, and not all players can afford them. Therefore, players look for alternative ways to get this currency into the game, without having to spend from their pockets.

If you are one of these people, looking for legitimate ways to get free diamonds, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how players can get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire.

How to Get Free Diamonds at Free Fire in July 2020

Google Opinion Rewards

This application, developed by Google, rewards players with Google Play credits for responding to simple surveys. Players can use this credit to buy money in the game in Free Fire. Millions of people around the world use this application, which has over 50 million downloads in Play Store, and is rated 4.3 stars.

How to use Google Opinion Prizes

Fill in the basic details

Players have to download the application and fill in the basic details to get started. They will then receive short surveys, and upon completion, players will be rewarded with Google Play credits. However, the frequency of the surveys and the amount of credit the player receives for each survey varies.

There are several other ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. Players can use GPT sites and applications, depending on their preferences. However, the method of redeeming will be different and a little longer. This is because users of other applications and websites have to buy the voucher from an e-commerce store first, and then get the Google Play gift card.

Reminder: Players should never use third party tools such as the diamond scripts, the apk mod and the diamond generator to obtain diamonds in Free Fire, as they are illegal and will lead to permanent bans.

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